rankie retrieves the necklace from Sadie who tells her she took it to make sure she contacted her. Cat is shocked when she finds Frankie has been taken on by her firm of architects as full-time photographer and disappointed that Jay has been appointed over her head to run a project she began and is consoled by Sam whilst Frankie is forced to help Jay when he tries to seduce office junior Hayley with the aid of drugs and the girl passes out. Tess, now temping, is dismayed when Lou, after staying the night, refuses to answer her calls and makes an unannounced visit with Ed, only to find Lou is dating married co-presenter Tom. Thanks to Sadie, who takes Tess on as her flatmate, Tom and Lou's affair hits the headlines. After meeting a boy called Darren at the empty flat which was allegedly Annie Cawthorne's address Frankie goes to the archives office to be told that, according to records, she died as a child.

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