annon and Jeff reconcile after Fallon hears Jeff at his father's grave site. Blake turns down Farouk Ahmed's business offer realizing he was just trying to bail his brother Rashid out of trouble. Alexis is building a reception tent for her wedding on the Carrington estate which angers Blake. Her wedding plans are threatened when Cecil Colby has a heart attack when they are in bed together. Claudia is getting deeper and deeper into a confused mental state and seems to be planning something. Farouk tells Nick Toscanni that Blake was in country during Nick's brothers arrest for drug smuggling and Blake refused to give a bribe for his release before he hanged himself. Nick now blames Blake and he tracks Blake down at a retreat where they fight. Later Nick leaves Blake in the mountains where he fell off his horse down a cliff. While this is happening, Fallon's baby is kidnapped.

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