ammy Jo is frightened by a storm and goes into Steven's room to talk. She can't wake him, so she climbs into his bed. The next morning, he is surprised to wake up next to her. Later, Alexis is dismayed when she sees Sammy Jo coming out of Steven's room. Blake goes to Las Vegas to meet with a gangster about selling 45% of his team. Fallon stows away on his private jet, and later shows up uninvited to his meeting. Jeff, angry with Cecil, leaves his job at the company. He also plans to leave the marriage with Fallon - a marriage he believes Cecil manipulated into being. Fallon doesn't help matters by secretly cheating on him with Nick. Krystle is injured when she is thrown from her horse, which puts her unborn baby in jeopardy. She believes the sound of a backfire caused the horse to rear. What she doesn't know is that Alexis, who had just finished skeet shooting, deliberately fired her gun in order to cause the accident.

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