fter a disastrous weekend with her date Walter (whose "party game" is to state automatically how many letters are in the last sentence spoken), Sam and Diane talk about perfect dates, which leads to each thinking they can find the perfect date for the other. They agree to do so. When Diane says that she knows the perfect person for Sam - bright, witty, attractive - he and Coach come to the conclusion that she is talking about herself and on the flip side that Sam would be her perfect date. Thinking that Diane is not bringing another woman, Sam looks for no one for Diane. On date night, Diane indeed does come in with "Gretchen" for Sam. Scrambling, Sam grabs the first stranger he sees to be Diane's date, that being Andy 'Andy' Schroeder. Andy agrees with the ruse. However after Andy makes a comment to Diane about murdering a waitress, Sam thinks that it better that they go on a double date solely for Diane's protection. While out on their date, the bar gang finds out that Andy is an ex-con, in prison for manslaughter. The foursome return to the bar after what was obviously an uncomfortable evening with Andy. After the dates officially end and Gretchen and Andy leave, Diane confronts Sam with a "what were you thinking?" The resulting discussion and argument between Sam and Diane eventually extends to everyone in the bar.

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