Perky", "pert", "congenial", "fun"? Are these adjectives to describe Diane? If so, she could become the 45th Miss Boston Barmaid, as Sam has entered her into the annual contest without her knowledge. Realistically not a contest to test wait skills, the event is to be held at Cheers this year. Diane, who feels degraded, hates such contests and chastises Sam for entering her. However she changes her tune when she thinks that she can use any speech opportunity during the contest as a platform to air her feminist views, especially of such contests. She doesn't tell anyone of what she plans to do. With a little help from Sam who has his own ulterior motives, Diane has an up and down contest, the downs including quashed speech opportunity after opportunity and the appearance of her infamous nervous facial tick. But is there anything that could change her plans for making her big speech?

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