iane's rich, snooty, eccentric "Mummy" comes waltzing into town with some unusual news for her daughter: Diane needs to get married by tomorrow or else Mummy will lose her share of her deceased husband's estate, a clause written into his will. Diane wants to help Mummy out, especially after Mummy's plea to Diane: "I'll never be broke. I'll either be rich or dead, the choice is yours." The problem is compounded by the fact that Diane has no steady that she can call to even go along with a marriage-in-name-only plan. Sam is suggested and he initially declines because he says that marriage changes people and their relationship regardless of if it's in name only. However, he ultimately agrees, with the ceremony to place at the bar. Will the marriage vows change the nature of Sam and Diane's relationship? The problem that arises from the outcome of the wedding ceremony has a solution coming from an unexpected source, Mummy's long time chauffeur, Boggs.

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