ecause Carla and Diane are constantly at each others' throats, Sam wants them to sit down and have a heart-to-heart so that they can come to an amiable working relationship. Although somewhat reluctant because of their mutual dislike for each other, they decide to do it. Much to Sam's consternation, they decide to do it at the bar after hours. To lighten the mood, Carla makes one of her special powerhouse drinks: Leap Into an Open Grave. Once Diane's guard is let down after a few swigs, Carla proceeds to tell a story about Sam being the father of one of her children - Gino - to which she makes Diane swear she will not reveal to anyone. The next day, Carla waits to see if a hungover Diane will indeed keep to her word or if she'll spill the proverbial beans about the secret. Gino unfortunately takes the brunt of what happens in this situation.

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