fter Diane gives Sam a lavish gift of tickets to a Marvin Hagglar bout, Sam casually tells her that he loves her. To Diane, his comment is a meaningful gesture of their relationship. However to Sam, his comment is just something casual he would say to anyone. This dichotomy places Diane at a place where she feels they need to reevaluate their relationship, what their relationship actually means to each other and why they are together. They decide that perhaps they should take some time off from each other - a week - to do some soul searching about their relationship. If they can't come up with something constructive to say to each other after that time, Diane feels they should call the whole thing off. Sam uses the time away to go back to his male bonding with the guys in the bar. Although he has thought about his relationship with Diane and has yet come up empty, he isn't worried since he feels he has always worked best under pressure. When Sam and Diane eventually get back together to discuss their thoughts about their relationship, Sam comes up with something on a different but associated issue that gets an unexpected reaction from Diane.

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