alcolm Kramer, an older gentleman in the bar, has just found out he only has six months to live. He mentions to Sam that he was happiest when he used to tend bar when he was a student, so Sam suggests that he go behind the bar and relive his old college days. He does so and has a great time, and so does everyone in the bar. Before he departs, he leaves a note in the tip jar to show his appreciation, this note unbeknown to anyone else until after he leaves. It is an amendment to his will, written on a bar napkin, bestowing $100,000 to the gang at Cheers. After getting advice from Cliff and wannabe lawyer Tom on the legalities of the bar napkin, the gang want someone to go get Malcolm back to legalize the will amendment. They also fight amongst themselves for what they feel is their rightful individual share - that is, everyone except Diane, who does not like what the prospect of money is doing to her friends. After Malcolm comes back and legalizes the document, he leaves it up to Sam to divvy up the money. Sam has the difficult task of figuring out what to do with it, or so he makes everyone believe. But Diane may have the final say in what happens with the money.

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