ough guy bar patron, Victor, has taken a dislike to Cliff and his know-it-all attitude. Carla eggs Cliff on to confront Victor, as she says he is just a blow-hard who will back down once Cliff shows he's not afraid of him. Reluctantly Cliff does so, but Victor doesn't back down, wanting to "take things outside". While Victor goes out waiting for Cliff, Cliff sneaks out the Melville's entrance. The next time Cliff comes to the bar, he brings his tough guy colleague from the post office, Lewis, in the off chance that Victor shows up as well, which he does. Knowing that Lewis is there, Cliff verbally pushes Victor more. Lewis defends Cliff until what Victor says about Cliff makes Lewis think that Victor is right. Without his bodyguard, Cliff uses the oldest back down statement in the book: that he knows karate and his hands are lethal weapons. Victor says that he will leave Cliff alone if Cliff admits that he's a loud mouth know-it-all. It's time for Cliff to put up or shut up, Diane the only person in the bar who believes that Cliff will actually put up and display his karate skills. Elsewhere in the bar, Sam is disgusted with Diane, who is making a mockery of the bar's football pool by making her picks based on her own sensibilities, such as cities whose symphonies are led by foreign born conductors. But what bothers Sam more is that she is winning the pools.

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