uch to Sam's consternation, the Coach buys a non-returnable fortune-telling scale for the bar. The one who is however most concerned is Carla, who says that the fortunes the scale is spewing out are actually coming true. She believes the scale is possessed and evil. The scale is a big hit with the customers although unlike Carla they are getting their fortunes just for fun to see if they do come true. Diane is one who doesn't believe in the fortune-telling abilities of the scale, that is until she gets her fortune, which says, "deception in romance will prove costly". Obviously Diane did something deceptive against Sam, despite she being a stickler for honesty in a relationship. Later, she admits to Sam the reason for her nervousness and her deception: she went out on a date, albeit harmless one, with another man to an event she knew Sam did not want to attend. Sam thinks that perhaps they should break up as he obviously doesn't fulfill all her needs and she doesn't fulfill all his. This news leads to a mixture of emotions between the two, who ultimately may let the scale decide their fate. Meanwhile, Norm gets back together with Vera after a friend, as a gag, sets them up on a blind date.

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