t's George Washington holiday weekend, a weekend that Carla lets slip to Diane that Sam traditionally goes on a ski trip with his buddies to chase snow bunnies. Diane thinks now that they are dating that Sam won't go. But when Sam makes an excuse to take a trip to ski resort Stowe, Vermont - he states he needs to go there for an uncle's funeral - Diane knows that he really is going with his buddies once again to chase snow bunnies. Although Diane doesn't let on that she knows, she says something to Sam time after time just as he is about to leave which makes him think that she may know the truth. And time after time, Sam, who actually makes his way close to Stowe, comes back much to Diane's certainty and much to Carla's consternation. With others in the bar, Coach tests fate when he's close to beating his monthly record for the fewest glasses broken. And Cliff is jealous when Norm starts hanging out with a new friend by the name of George Foley.

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