oach has gone to Phoenix for the funeral of his best friend, T-Bone Scappagioni. T-Bone and Coach played together in the minors and coached together for the Red Sox. Sam admits that he personally never liked T-Bone, the reason he didn't go to the funeral. Coach, having returned to the bar, admits that the funeral was a bit impersonal since T-Bone had lived in Phoenix for only a short time, so not that many there knew him well. Diane suggests that they should hold a memorial at the bar in Boston where all his old friends still live. After the plans for the memorial are all set, Sam tells Diane the reason that he didn't like T-Bone: T-Bone once made a play for Coach's wife, Angela, who confided the incident to Sam in secret. Coach overhears their conversation. Despite the fact that Coach now hates T-Bone, Sam and Diane tell him to at least deal with his feelings. Coach decides to go through with the memorial, where he wants to spill his guts about his hard feelings toward T-Bone. The memorial doesn't turn out quite the way Coach had envisioned, all because of other revelations and a move by Diane.

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