hillip Semenko has got Diane to pose for him, despite Sam forbidding her to do so. Phillip is having troubles with the painting, not knowing why, but he comes to the conclusion that Diane has lost the anguish that was making the expression of the portrait so brilliant. In their discussing Sam, Diane confesses that their relationship is a troubled one, where they are two opposites, and she gets the feeling that Sam often likes to hurt her, which Sam had admitted to others in the past. That discussion was enough to bring back her anguish, and Phillip can finish the painting. Diane loves it and thinks that Sam will as well. Regardless of Sam's feeling about the painting itself, Phillip tells Diane that Sam will not be able to get over the fact that she went behind his back and the painting will be the impetus for the last time Sam and Diane will ever see each other. To make up for their previous fight, Sam makes what he believes in a grand gesture to Diane. But when Sam finds out about Phillip's painting, will Phillip's prognostication about Sam and Diane's relationship be correct?

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