ndy 'Andy' Schroeder, the ex-con murderer who Sam once paid to take Diane out, returns to the bar. He holds up the bar, but in the process of, his true intentions come out: he wants to go back to prison since he feels that he can't make it on the outside. Feeling sorry for him, Diane uncovers what he really wants to do: to be an actor. She wants to be his savior, and calls upon the assistance of Professor Sebastian DeWitt, an old acting teacher of hers, to adjudicate Andy's talent or lack thereof. But first, Diane has to get Andy into acting shape. Because of her help, Andy falls for Diane, but also is still on the brink of "hearing THOSE voices" that caused his original act of murder. When Andy finds out that Diane and Sam are an item, he is hurt but says he will use this experience in the upcoming scene he will be doing with Diane from "Othello". Will Andy's real emotions mirror that of Othello? And what fate will befall Diane's Desdamona?

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