ervous because they think he still has feelings for her, Diane and Frasier tell Sam that they are moving in together. Sam is happy for them, as happy as he can be for Diane and Frasier. But in a private discussion between Sam and Diane, each has an underlying but unspoken air of apprehension about this move. After Diane moves in with Frasier, she develops a constant tickle in her throat and sneezing fits which she attributes to being allergic to Frasier's dog, Pavlov. Sam thinks her symptoms are psychosomatic, masking a reality of not wanting to live with Frasier. When Sam agrees to take Pavlov after Frasier offers to give her up for Diane, Diane seems somewhat annoyed. After Pavlov leaves the Crane-Chambers household, Diane develops another symptom in addition to the tickle and the sneezing, that of a "voice change". This added symptom is also despite the house being fumigated, the upholstery changed, and the wallpaper stripped. Finally Frasier is fed up, and faces the reality that Diane's symptoms are indeed psychosomatic. Only a miracle, or perhaps a misunderstanding, can get Diane over her symptoms. Elsewhere in the bar, it's Carla's birthday, and the course for such is a series of gag gifts. Although not unexpected, Carla is hurt. Sensing Carla's pain, the guys decide that it might be a nice gesture to get her a "sincere" gift, which Cliff offers to go out and buy. But how sincere can the gift be seeing that it was purchased by Cliff?

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