iane and Carla make a bet about who can make the most tips in one evening, the tips a measure of who is the better waitress. Even giving her a $10 head start, Carla is $9 ahead with 1 minute to go, however a last minute $20 tip puts Diane over the top. Diane is elated, but Carla is crushed by the defeat and mopes around for weeks. The only thing that will get her over the funk is Diane admitting she cheated. Although she didn't, will Diane do so if only to get Carla out of her funk? Meanwhile, Norm, who just landed a new job, had to take a physical for such, and the x-ray showed a spot on his chest. He questions his mortality and what little he's accomplished in his life. Later, he luckily finds out that the spot was just an error. He breathes a big sigh of relief but still does question what he's accomplished in his life. He now wants to stop and smell the roses. Ultimately, he decides to quit his new job and live his fantasy life: to sail to Bora Bora on a cargo ship and live in a hut on the beach for the rest of his and Vera's lives. Will this event be the end of Norm and Cheers' relationship? It may not be if Sam believes what he sees in his office after Norm's departure.

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