am hits on a woman in the bar named Amanda Boyer, and is successful in charming "the socks off her". They makes plans to go out, however Amanda has to wait to meet "a friend", who just happens to be Diane. When Diane finds out that Sam has made plans to go out with Amanda, Diane warns him not to go out with her, only implying that Amanda's crazy, the specific reason beyond that Diane won't give. Sam thinks Diane is just still full of sour grapes over their past relationship. Sam ignores Diane's warnings and goes out with Amanda. After Sam returns from dinner alone, Diane grills him about Amanda and his plans with her. Although he doesn't think Amanda's quite his type, he does plan on asking her out again. To spare Sam, Diane finally tells Sam about Amanda: the two met at Goldenbrook, the sanitarium. Amanda's problem is that she is obsessive and possessive with men with whom she is fixated. After Sam gets a taste of Amanda's possessiveness and fixation, Sam and Diane discuss the best way to get rid of Amanda from Sam's life without Amanda hurting herself or hurting Sam. Ultimately, Diane thinks she has the solution to Sam's problem, which he isn't sure he really likes if only for his ego.

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