rasier comes into the bar a little down. Work is getting to him. Diane suggests to Sam that he ask Frasier to tag along on the guy's fishing trip with Norm, Cliff, Tim and Alan. Sam doesn't want to ask the depressed, outdoor inexperienced and boring Dr. Crane, but does so when he feels like he can't avoid it. Frasier, thinking that it'll do him some good to get away and do some male bonding, agrees. But the trip ends up being slightly different than what both Sam and Frasier first envision. The gang decide to go snipe hunting instead, initiating Frasier into the ritual as being the one who actually holds the gunny sack in the bagger's position and does the snipe call while the others go off and search the snipe out. The catch: there is no such thing as a snipe, so there is no reason for the others to search out something that doesn't exist. In other words, they left Frasier out in the woods by himself holding a gunny sack purely as a gag. Diane is furious with them. Just as Diane shames Sam into going back out and finding him, Frasier enters the bar. Far from being mad, Frasier is intoxicated with the thrill of the snipe hunt. The guys think Frasier's even more of a sap now. Sam is just about to tell Frasier the truth when Diane stops him: she would rather Frasier live with the joy of what emerged from this experience than to be humiliated by the truth. However, much to Diane's chagrin, Frasier agrees to go back out and fulfill the experience by actually bagging a snipe. The gag is indeed on, but...

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