am is being very secretive. Diane finds out that his secret is that he's gone back to school. But later, initially to her horror, she finds out that he is not getting his college degree, but rather his high school diploma, which he will earn if he passes the one course he is taking. Coach shows some interest in going back to school as well, and although Coach needs a few more credits than Sam to graduate - actually a few more years - he decides to take the same Geography course as Sam. Nearing the end of the course, Coach and Sam are getting the highest marks in the class and are enjoying their experience. Coach is getting his good grades through hard work and studying. Sam on the other hand, as Diane eventually deduces, is getting his high marks because he and Miss Purdy, the teacher, have a special relationship, not quite typical of a teacher/student. In other words, they're sleeping together. Diane chastises him, although she doesn't need to as Sam knows what's happening is wrong. He never dreamed that dating the teacher would result in her letting him slide with the class. Despite being at a point just before the final exam (worth 80% of the final grade) with Sam knowing nothing about the course, Diane talks him into setting things straight with Miss Purdy and the class, and having his final grade being a true reflection of his knowledge of the course material. After doing so, Sam's in a panic. How is he going to pass? Regardless, Sam doesn't know if he deserves to pass, until Diane displays her Geography knowledge. Another in the bar is also on a quest for self-improvement: Cliff, with a little help from his medical insurance, is thinking about getting his ears tucked, his ears physical features of which he has always been self-conscious.

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