n old friend of Sam's, Eddie Gordon, comes to the bar. "Friend" is probably too strong a word as Sam can't remember who he is. He is indeed not a friend, but someone who bet Sam, while Sam was on a drunken spree a year ago, that Sam would marry Jacqueline Bisset within a year or turn over the bar to him. Eddie has come to collect on his bet, which was written on a piece of paper signed by Sam. Sam has until the end of the day tomorrow to marry Jacqueline Bisset or perhaps lose the bar. Sam doesn't know what to do, and even he admits that he wouldn't be able to woo Jacqueline Bisset enough in one day to marry him. Carla comes up with a bizarre idea: the bet does not state that Sam has to marry THE Jacqueline Bisset, and supposes that there must be another Jacqueline Bisset somewhere in the U.S.; get her under the Sammy spell, get a quickie wedding and a quickie annulment. The gang comb through telephone books from all over the U.S. looking for a Jacqueline Bisset. They eventually find a young unmarried Jackie Bisset in West Virginia - a simple country girl - and Cliff manages to convince her to come to Boston on the ploy of a radio prize giveaway. Once at the bar, she's told the real reason for her trip. Can Sam work his magic on Jackie in one day, at least for her to agree to help him out? Through it all, Jackie ends up being more sophisticated in the ways of Sam Malone than even Diane.

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