oretta has left Nick to pursue a singing career. What's worse for Nick is that Loretta gets everything in a divorce based on their prenuptial agreement. As soon as Carla sees him, she knows that Loretta's dumped him. Nick asks Carla for a second chance, not only for herself but also for the kids. Carla rebukes him, as does everyone else in the bar... that is, except Sam. Nick begs Sam for a job doing odd jobs around the bar, and Sam ultimately relents. After three weeks of working at the bar, everyone thinks that Nick is making a real effort to turn his life around, everyone but Carla. Sam and Diane suggest to her that he may be worth giving another chance, but Carla's not too sure. Even after Carla witnesses Nick's harsh reaction to Loretta when she comes into the bar, she's not too sure. Even after she and Nick go off and do family things together, she's not too sure. She just doesn't believe he'd stay with her if Loretta wanted him back. She tests him by calling him pretending to be Loretta, saying that she wants him back. He passes the test. The final test: Loretta comes to the bar in person, and wants him back. To Carla's surprise, he kicks her out of the bar. Based on that, will Carla finally relent?

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