hree people say things that they perhaps should not have. First, Cliff anonymously tells his supervisor that his colleague and former bodyguard, Lewis, has been pilfering fragrance samples from magazines to be delivered. Lewis is fired and asks Cliff to find out who squealed on him. Cliff is scared of Lewis, but will that ultimately stop him from telling Lewis the truth? Second, Frasier tells Sam a story about himself and Diane through the old "a patient of mine..." scenario. What he mentions is something that third, Diane said in the heat of passion when she and Frasier were making love: she yelled out her old boyfriend's name. That old boyfriend obviously is Sam. Next he sees Diane, Sam drops strong hints that he knows that she said his name while she was making love to Frasier. She is humiliated, and also furious with Frasier for telling Sam. In the light of reality, Sam and Diane reassure Frasier that they feel nothing at all for each other. However when Frasier leaves the room, Diane's tune changes. Does she still love Sam? Does her hinting that she still has feelings for him make Sam confess that he still has feelings for her?

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