veryone at the bar is in costume, which means it's Halloween. Late arrival Cliff is dressed as Ponce de Leon, who is still going on about his trip to Florida. The gang get into an argument about Cliff and women, specifically that he never seems to have been on a date. Then, as Cliff is boring a bar patron about Florida, a woman dressed as Tinkerbell shows some interest in him. They have a good time that evening as Ponce and Tinkerbell, and decide to meet the following night as their real selves at the bar, which means that Cliff will be going on an actual date. Will Cliff actually go through with meeting the woman underneath the Tinkerbell façade? Meanwhile, Diane, with an extra ticket and no Frasier available, takes Sam to the Boston Pops with Frasier's blessing. Diane isn't nervous about being on a "date" with Sam until they're ready to go home.

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