am is dating another intellectual, Claudia Mitchell. Claudia, who has just met and gets along famously with equal-intellectual Diane, asks Sam if her new friend Diane can tag along on their imminent date. Not wanting to go against Claudia and possibly ruin his chances in the sack with her, Sam reluctantly agrees. In this threesome, who will end up as the odd man out? By the end of the date, there is an odd person out, but the remaining two will have to figure out where to go from this point onward. Cliff is having a relationship issue of another kind. His father, who walked out of his life when he was nine years old, has come back looking for him. Cliff Clavin Sr. wants to make peace with his long lost son before he needs to leave town the following day. Although Cliff Jr. initially wants nothing to do with his father, a childish act on his father's part is the ice-breaker needed, and Cliff Jr. falls under the spell of his dad. They spend a fun filled day together before Cliff Sr. has to head off. He asks Cliff Jr. to come with him to Australia. Beyond patriotic Cliff Jr. leaving his beloved US and the US Postal Service, the reason for Cliff Sr.'s trip may also factor into Cliff Jr.'s decisions.

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