strange man has been in the bar all day and is giving everyone, especially Carla, the creeps. He just sits there, drinks coffee, scribbles some notes every once in a while, and watches the gang. Increasingly, they all get paranoid. Could he be a spy? Could he be a detective? Could he be a detective spying on one of them? Everyone thinks he is a detective but that he is spying on anyone else but him/herself. Finally Sam is about to confront the guy and throw him out of the bar, when Diane confesses that "Irving" is a friend and classmate of hers, in the bar to conduct an experiment for her on paranoia - introduce a foreign element into an established secure setting and see what happens. The gang don't take too kindly to Diane's experiment and imply that they will get even with her. It's a few days later and they haven't struck yet. Diane is jumpy, thinking the most innocent gestures are the act of revenge, which affects everyone around her negatively. Diane becomes not only paranoid herself, but ultimately humiliated and hurt, the latter emotion based on what she believes her payback is or more precisely is not. Only one thing can get Diane out of her misery.

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