here's a man's coat left in the bar. Not just any coat: a cashmere coat with hand stitching, tortoise shell buttons, and bemburg lining. There is a slight smell of a special blend pipe tobacco, and two tickets to the Grand Kabuki and a dried rose bud in the pocket. Diane is in awe of the coat and by association the man who owns it, despite the fact that she doesn't know who he is. Diane goes on and on about how she knows that the coat belongs to the man of her dreams. The coat's owner calls the bar looking for his coat. Sam and Carla goad Diane into asking "Stuart" out on a date over the telephone, again before she even meets him. Under the pressure, she does. With great anticipation, the three await Stuart's arrival. Diane and Stuart's first date leads to several others. After dating Stuart for a while, Diane comes to some conclusions about her feelings for him and why she feels the way she does. A desperate Diane goes to an unlikely source to learn how to deal with the situation.

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