ill, Natalie and her junior David find 'Agadir' several times with various dates on Lucy's mobile phone. Martin,now on bail,is also asked by his boss Renner why 'Agadir' should be keyed into the computer but he is similarly puzzled. At least Natalie and Will establish that a hotel chambermaid saw the computer before Martin went out. After Wenborn's wife,suffering from post-natal depression,is arrested for shop-lifting,the grumpy detective learns that Will successfully defended Spaull when the activist was accused of putting a bomb under a research scientist's car,killing the man's little boy. Will is non-committal when Wenborn quizzes him on the trial but it transpires that Spaull later confessed his guilt to Will,thus causing his withdrawal from London and murder trials. Jane meanwhile visits Alan's mother and learns that he was imprisoned for shooting another boy who was bullying him at school.

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