rady Fletcher invites aunt Jessica to be his guest at a Broadway show he's doing the bookkeeping for and meet both his girl-friend and has-been movie star Rita Bristol, whose prima donna-attitude and drinking endanger the show that was to be her come-back and the launch of daughter Patti Bristol. They all dine with others including son Barry Bristol, director Marc Faber and banker Si Parrish, the principal investor. On the way home, Pati is shot in the spine by street mugger Manny Farkus, who gets a fatal bullet from Barry. To reluctant Barry's surprise, the show isn't canceled but LA star Lonnie Valerian takes recovering Pati's part. NYPD Detective Sergeant Moreno didn't feel like investigating further, but Jessica does dig into past and present of the Bristol family, the show people, the mugger who she recognizes as unemployed actor Morley Farmer and some New York street witnesses.

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