essica and sheriff Amos Tupper, who keeps worrying if they'll be back in time for a Cabot Cove lottery where he wants to win a TV set, return from a Boston convention by bus. After picking up two unknown passengers, the stormy weather and damage force the party to take an indefinite rest at a diner, where Jessica can observe everyone conversing. When she goes look for a book on the bus, Jessica finds Gilbert Stoner, one of the extra passengers and as she deduced astutely a just released ex-convict, dead in his seat, stabbed with a screw-driver from the toolbox bus driver Ben Gibbons used just before, but within everybody's reach. While everybody is stuck at least till the local police arrives, Amos -out of his jurisdiction- and in fact Jessica conduct an informal investigation. Reading Stoner's name in his papers recalls he's one of three criminals who pulled off the bloody Denvers bank robbery years ago. The obvious first suspect is the driver, whose daughter died in the heist, but Stoner was strangled to death before the stabbing which Gibbons confesses and Jessica finds other links, such as Steve Pascal whose father was an accomplice but died in the robbery. Then Carey Drayson is hit lightly with his own gun, which is stolen, while he tries to repair the radio...

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