essica visits her niece Victoria ''Vicky'' Brandon in San Francisco, who tells her that her fiancé, New York would be-actor Howard Griffin, isn't working in life insurance as he pretended. The ladies go to Mr. Drake's night-club which Vicky found out he's somehow connected to, see he's performing there as drag-queen, and worse: during star Michael Dupont's act Howard runs out in panic after finding Drake's shot corps. Vicky believes in Howard's innocence unconditionally, even accepts his weird job, so Jessica is determined to help initially unappreciative SFPD Detective Lt. Floyd Novack find the real killer. The club proves a viper's nest full of motives both in showbiz, including promising performer Freddy York, who would miss out on a dream contract because held him to a lousy contract and later gets wounded in an intentional 'accident' on stage, and the Drake family's (adulterous) love life. It all hangs on the tiny details only Jessica notices and makes sense of..

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