essica visits Peggy Shannon, whose ex-husband Johnny is a big star but a terrible, beastly abusive boss for their gentle son, composer Michael 'Mickey' Shannon, in his Desert Palms residence with advanced alarm system. Police Detective Sergeant Barnes has to intervene when Johnny rudely chases out of the country club professional tennis player Vic LaRosa, the current lover of daughter Terry Shannon, who is seeking revenge according to ma. Next morning, Johnny is found shot dead in the back of the head, a mob method, in his den chair by his dumb, burly bodyguard Lou Ross and comedy relief Buster Bailey; Terry gives startled Vic money to leave the country as Mickey will tell he was in the house that night, she only dated him to spite pa. After Lou tries to strangle Mickey, who he saw in the den, Terry tells Vic was sneaked in and out by her. Peggy and Terry tell that Johnny and Buster also has some relation with mobster Milo Valentine which went sour. Vic is arrested near the Mexican border and accuses Terry. Barnes conducts the investigation, Jessica solves it...

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