n intruder kills rich old lady Allison Brevard while burglarizing her townhouse. When Jessica goes to a college to give a mystery writing guest lecture, she takes a secretary for the first time, not an older woman as she expected but bright, charming, extremely efficient student David Tolliver. Just when they celebrated ending the work in a restaurant, the police gets David for questioning about Allison's murder, just because he was seen meeting her and accepted gifts and dinners. Jessica grants David the benefit of the doubt and follows up on a call to meet about an alibi for David with young married Lila Schroeder Kowalski, only to see her collapse murdered. David now has an alibi and admits he saw Lila, secretly because of her hunky but violently jealous husband Jack Kowalski, who claims David wasn't the threat to his marriage. Jessica tells dean Edmund Gerard's secretary Amelia she's not interested romantically in her host, who makes a surprising confession after Jessica is attacked in college after asking flirtatious professor Prof. Todd Lowery suspicious questions during her next lecture. Now she sets a trap...

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