t's Maddie's first day as a detective, all excited, she walks in to find the place dead. The employs just sit there, there are no waiting clients and no ringing phones. When she goes to David telling him how this is hopeless and ready to close down the place, he lies saying they have a client coming in. He then runs to a neighboring agency and Davids a client out of their waiting room. The client is a dying man who wants "Blue Moon" to find his estranged son he has some things he would like to say to him, he also mentions that he might be involved in some shady business. As they go in search of his son the find that he is a contract killer. After they take themselves of the case, they meet the son and find out that he has been dead for a while. The "father" is the best contract killer around and the "son" is headed in that direction and wants to make it official by killing him, "dad" on the other hand knows the pros and cons of the business and wants to pass it on. The two end up in a showdown with Maddie and David in the middle.

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