avid and Maddie meet a client at an old nightclub to report to him on the case. While there they are told about a murder, the singer and an orchestra player fell in love and killed her husband, then they blamed it on each other and went to the chair saying the other on did it. David and MAddie discuss the murder each having a different opinion, David thinks she did it, Maddie thinks he did, David thinks Maddie is a sexist, Maddie thinks Davvid is an animal. When they go home they both dream up in black and white what happened in 1946. Maddie dreams of the singer and her husband, the fire had gone out of their relationship but they've remained friends and then the orchestra player arrives she is innocent, he seduces her, convinces her to get ride of the husband, he kills him, makes it look like an accident, then tells the cops she did it. David see's it differently, he came to the club just wanting to play, she had a bad marriage and he was her way out, she seduces him, gets him to kill her husband, then sends him off to fry.

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