uring leave time aboard, Picard obliges a personal promise to Guinan by playing parts in an Al Capone period gangster mystery story, but soon a mysterious energy source takes precedence. It creates a small, unstable local wormhole, causing everybody to be unconscious, presumably for just half a minute according to the instruments. However strange changes are observed, such as spores showing a full day's growth and the ship is even off course, near a planet of another class. Doubts are inevitable, even about Data, as Geordi finds only they two were able to circumvent the computer security program preventing the clock manipulation which is the only logical explanation, and Data is in perfect working order. Geordi proves that the planet image before the black-out is a fake altered from memory banks, only Data could have switched them and staged an apparent wormhole; Data claims to be unable to verify and should be court-martialed, probably the end of his Starfleet career, but why would he accept such risk? A settled fracture in Worf's hand proves someone must have been awake. Picard concludes Data must have had a compelling reason to lie and disobey his orders, presumably answering someone else's, and indeed, when the ship returns to the site of the incident, in the system of the Paxans ...

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