he Enterprise has finally tracked the missing starship USS Brittain. Counselor Deanna Troi senses trouble with the life on board and joins Riker's boarding party. The crew was slashed to death; the only survivor, Betazoid Counselor Andrus Hagan, is in shock. Doctor Beverly Crusher 's autopsy concludes 34 crewmen killed each other with phasers and other weapons, even bare hands; a tape recorded a paranoiac fear among them. While the Enterprise tows the Brittain to the nearest starbase, its own crewmen starts sensing another presence and experiencing rising fear, plausibly working up to dangerous paranoia. The ship itself gets stuck in a rift in space; Data finds the Brittain tried to escape from the same with a blast, the technicians have a hard time finding a better alternative, at Picard's request with (fear-immune android) Data temporarily in command. Meanwhile Dr. Crusher gets nightmarish hallucinations herself but concludes from a chemical imbalance that all the humans have stopped getting REM sleep and therefore dreams (only Betazoids Troi and the Betazoids survivor have nightmares), which is driving them insane, Worf is the first to nearly commit suicide. Then Troi finds her vision of eyes in the dark is identical to the surviving Betazoid Counselor Andrus Hagan, not a nightmare but a message from other unseen victims; she hopes to communicate with them by 'directed dreaming'...

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