he Enterprise checks on the Argus array, a giant Federation outskirts astronomical telescope, which stopped signaling data months ago. Geordi and mentally rehabilitated engineer Lieutenant Reg Barclay, try to repair it but an intense energy surge from an alien probe of unknown technology electrocutes Barclay and even causes serious damage on board the ship. Barclay soon recovers while the probe follows closely, building up a dangerous field but unresponsive to full phasers. Now Barclay demonstrates surprising insight and knowledge, saving the situation by repairing power and getting photon torpedoes ready which destroy the probe. Reg's useful but inexplicable erudition proves invaluable for telescope repairs too. Even his theatrical, romantic (towards Troi) and formerly inexistent violin performances improve suddenly , thanks to a confidence boost. When Dr. Crusher finds his brain improved more then any human causing unprecedented intelligence, he is also considered a potential risk. Next Barclay surprisingly causes ship and telescope to link and takes control after transferring most of his oversize-growing brain functions into a cutting-edge computer core he devised, taking over the helm, and claims omniscience for a higher purpose, enabling unprecedented space exploration. Worried about his loss of control, Picard orders him stopped by any means, but...

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