he Enterprise is at Tegus 3, to host the Federation archaeologists council's annual symposium, where Picard is to give the key-note lecture on its enigmatic ruins, now forbidden to outsiders. To his surprise he's visited by Vash, a flirtatious girl-friend, displeased to learn he never mentioned her to any crew-member, who is now on the council. Another visit gets the coldest welcome: almost almighty Q, who ridicules Picard's speech and decides to 'repay' saving his life and Continuum membership by transforming Picard and his accompanying crew-members during the speech into Robin Hood and his merry men, challenged to save maid Marian -Varsh- from execution ordered the next morning by Sir Guy Gisbourne, as Q declares as high sheriff. Picard engages in rescue from Nottingham castle, but soon finds his modern maid is no passive damsel in distress, even takes to the game far better than him...

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