he Enterprise goes attend on the Klingon home planet the installation of Gowron as new head of the High Council. Picard encourages Worf to seize the opportunity to clear his name. However Gowron boards, asking hasty help to prevent a Klingon civil war, claiming the sisters of the late traitorous pretender Duros head a corrupt conspiracy supported by at least three fleet commanders, Picard is the only established acceptable arbitrator. Gowron scorned Worf, till he tells Duros senior was the traitor to the Romulans- only to be told it's too late given the Duros fraction in the Council. Worf arranges a leave to visit his brother Kurn, serving on a Klingon ship- he feels both old fractions must be swept away, four commanders would side with their family. Worf pulls rank as family eldest, ordering loyalty to the confirmed Gowron, only later their support would be made dependent upon family rehabilitation. Picard is about to complete Gowron's installation, but the Duros family -secretly in league with the Romulans- challenges his in the name of- a minor, who they claim to be the illegitimate son and heir, a matter for the arbitrator to decide, in his favor. The first hostilities go well enough for Gowron to be installed by Picard. Then a major Duros-fleet appears and Picard refuses the military help requested by Gowron and Worf, who then declines to resume his post when leaves are canceled, so he honorably resigns to keep fighting at Gowron's side...

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