icard overrides Lieutenant Worf's reluctance to welcome female Klingon Federation ambassador K'Ehleyr, arguing his discommendation in the affair of his father's inherited murder conviction makes him honor-less under Klingon tradition; to Worf's surprise she also brought Alexander, their young son she never told him about, and now wants him back by a traditional oath, only he refuses thus to make them outcasts as well... But the most important guest is a surprise: High Council president K'mpec, the Klingon empire's dying commander in chief, who was for years the only one capable to prevent a civil war, now demands Picard to find out which of the candidates for his succession about to arrive, Gowron and Duras, is unfit on account of foul, dishonoring stealth murder. After a Romulan technology miniature bomb at the ritual asserting K'mpec's death which kills no major player, Picard buys time by choosing an ancient, elaborate ritual presenting the contenders. There is another murder...

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