fter one of the containers Geordi and he where checking in cargo-bay crushes seven of Worf's vertebrates, Dr. Crusher and neuro-specialists see no therapy to get him any leg-use again, Klingon medicine having a bias against neuro-research. Worf quickly asks Riker, as his best friend aboard, to assist him in 'hekba', the Klingon suicide for a permanently disabled warrior, to save his and the family's dignity. Crusher's visiting scientific friend Toby Russell proudly shows her an invention in development, the genotronic replicator, which she believes can scan and reproduce the damaged neuro-system even in Worf's case, but he would be the first humanoid test-patient so Crusher is against. Pride makes Worf decline either seeing his son Alexander or trying implants which can restore 60% of his motor-functions. The Enterprise goes assist the USS Denver, with many patients in need of medical help after a Cardassian attack, but after Crusher sees Russell used an experimental drug on one of them has her throw off the ship. Picard pleads to let her return and reconsider the replicator, as Worf can't accept her alternative. Riker finds Klingon tradition dictates the suicide-assistance be left to the closest kin, and even Worf can't ask this from his half-human boy...

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