n a diplomatic mission to bring Ambassador Briam and his Kryotion planet's gift to a reconciliation ceremony with its rival, even warring planet, ruled by rivaling brothers' dynasties, the Enterprise beams suspiciously cheerful Ferengi traders Par Lenor and Qol aboard just before a containment field collapse makes their ship explode. One of them brings the gift 'accidentally' out of cryostasis, to the crew's horror a live 'gift', 'metamore' (empath) Kamala, whose destiny is to vow her entire existence to a mate's happiness, but alas bestows her enchanting love not on the other ruler but on crewmen, first startled Riker, then Picard who earlier feared Kamala may be held in 'slavery' as Crusher feels, she denies that but claims she must start bonding, within hours, now with Picard as 'substitute', to be ready by the arrival of arranged mate Chancellor Alrik, who proves far more interested in prosaic concerns such as trade concessions, his civilization being coldly cerebral...

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