hile Riker, Data, Crusher and various other crew enjoy a recreational day on an earth-like human colony, they are hit by an electrical storm but succeed in hiding safely in a cave they make collapse after Riker recognizes it's an attack of the feared crystalline entity. After their release, xenologist Dr. Kila Marr is brought in, who specializes in studying the creature which needs to destroy an entire community to feed on given its immense energy consumption. Picard forces her to take Data in the investigatory team, although she suspects he might be in league with it as his brother was, but comes to appreciate his objective scientific input and even takes a liking to him after learning he has and can evoke many memories of the victims of an earlier crystalline attack in which her son Remi perished. Despite a new crystalline attack destroying a space-ship, the crew decides to attempt communicating and works out to do so be graviton beam, in which experiment Dr. Marr takes part...

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