hile the Enterprise enjoys a rest, just when elementary school science prize winners Patterson Supera, Jay Gordon Graas and Marissa Flores visit the ship, it's reduced to impulse power by hitting a quantum filament, so people are trapped in different compartments and face various damage there needing attention. Geordi and Dr. Crusher have to deal with a corrosion threat by damage to the ship's skin, which starts a very toxic chemical reaction on the hole; Data and Riker face an electric field blocking their way which Data passes at the price of decapitation, and must be repaired on the spot; Worf is with pregnant Keiko O'Brien, who gets contractions, so he'll have to deliver; the wounded captain and the school children must climb to the power supply in the ship's core; Troi decides as highest in rank on the bridge, without technical expertise, not to give up on possible survivors in engineering despite the risk not closing it off causes for the whole ship...

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