army has put together a group of alleged musicians to play in blackface at his aunt's 50th anniversary party. Pauline, in London, is alarmed because a man is following her, so Bertie is drafted to escort her to Chuffnell Hall in her car. Naturally, they run out of gas and have to spend the night at a little pub. Chuffy is understanding when Stoker blabs about the two of them spending the night on the road, which offends Pauline; doesn't he care enough to be jealous of her? Stoker lures Bertie onto his yacht and locks him in a stateroom until a forced marriage can take place; Jeeves liberates Bertie, who escapes by posing as one of the blackface musicians. Bertie, Stoker, Sir Roderick, and all Barmy's musicians wind up arrested in blackface in front of Chuffy as the local magistrate.

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