nwelcome familiar faces turn up to destroy Bertie's New York idyll,starting with Bingo Little, who wants to marry the English waitress at Art's Diner and persuades Bertie to impersonate romantic novelist Rosie M. Banks again to make his uncle,Lord Bittlesham, favour the union. Old flame Honoria Glossop and her doctor father Sir Roderick are also in town,the latter wanting to wed his nurse but needing to marry off Honoria first. Bertie's plan to goad her shy suitor Blair into proposing by making him jealous goes horribly awry,as does his hiring of a gold-digging actress,Trixie, to pose as his betrothed,to get Honoria off his back. When Bingo marries the waitress,who turns out to be the real Rosie M. Banks,Bertie is exposed as a fraud and everyone is after him. Even on the liner home. The only solution is for him and Jeeves to jump ship -literally.

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