verjoyed that Madeleine Bassett is to marry Spode and stop pursuing him Bertie goes to Totleigh Towers for the wedding, meeting another Drone, drippy Ginger Winship, whose bullying fiancee ,Lady Florence Craye, is forcing him to stand for Parliament, or she will leave him. Sneaky ex-valet Brinkley has stolen the book from Jeeves' club in which manservants dish the dirt on their employers and hopes to make money by selling it to Ginger's Labour party rival but Bertie steals it, unaware that Ginger wants to be discredited so he will lose the election and Florence and can marry his secretary Magnolia whom he really loves. An outraged Florence declares that she is re-engaged to Bertie and Madeleine argues with Spode, also announcing her intention to wed Wooster. Fortunately the book contains information on Spode, which Bertie uses to make him marry Madeleine, whilst Florence takes a shine to Brinkley. Unfortunately the Totleigh Towers plumbing, which is plainly on its last legs and not helped by being serviced by Tuppy Glossop's new drain-cleaning machine, decides to erupt in the middle of the wedding, spraying the congregation with effluent. Jeeves and Wooster make a very swift exit.

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