ivian trusts Wil and Carlton to take her heirloom bracelet to the jewelry shop to have it reset. Before they do that, Carlton tells Wil about a hot insider tip he got on a company's stock, and they can make thousands. They don't have the money to buy the stock, but the boys figure the appraised value of the bracelet will easily cover its cost. So, they take it to the pawn shop and sell it, then buy the stock. That night, they watch a news report where the company has announced bankruptcy. Uh oh - now not only have the two lost money on a bad tip, they don't have any money to buy back Vivian's bracelet. The two scramble for ways to raise the $500 needed to buy back the bracelet ... and decide the best option is to take jobs as male strippers. When they accept the job, they are told they will be the main entertainment at a party for a socially elite organization - unknowing that Hillary and Vivian are among the guests. Carlton is making loads of money with his sensuous routine, and the girls are begging him to take it off - then Vivian walks in and demands, "Put it on!" At home, Wil and Carlton now have no choice but to explain everything. The entire story makes Phil extremely furious, and he tells the boys in no uncertain terms to do whatever it takes to get the bracelet back, or they will be arrested on federal charges. At the pawn shop, they find themselves at odds with a customer who wants to buy the bracelet ... and Carlton is backed into a corner when, after asking what he has to do to get the bracelet back, the rotund, ugly owner makes a suggestion.

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