group of detectives and officers work at the 15th Precinct, a seedy police station in Manhattan, New York City. Detective John Kelly, a 15-year veteran of the force, deals with his partner Andy Sipowitz, an alcoholic 20-year veteran detective. Laura Hughes, an aspiring lawyer and Detective Kelly's wife, is having problems with their marriage and she hires Josh Goldstein, a lawyer who lives in apartment 4B of their building to work on a divorce, who gets mugged in the laundry room of the building. Meanwhile, Sipowicz is relentlessly pursuing mobster Alfonse Giardella, who threatens Sipowicz to leave him alone. Later, Sipowicz is shot by Giardella during a tryst with a prostitute. Enraged, Kelly orders the precinct officers to hound Giardella and his ruthless employer; mafia kingpin Angelo Marino. The new patrol officer, Janice Licalsi, is attracted to Detective Kelly. But is she is revealed to be an informant for Marino who orders her to murder Kelly.

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